Basic norms to be followed in a temple

by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

The house of worship for Hindus is the temple. It is in this place the divine relationship with the god can be easily accomplished. It is the place reserved for religious and spiritual activities.

There are many elaborate measures taken in temples to maintain the mental and physical purity at the temple.

Some of the basic norms to be followed in all Hindu temples are given below.

  • Temple must be visited with the clean body. Legs and hands must be cleaned before entering the temple.
  • Footwear should not be worn inside the temple.
  • Modest clothing is a must without much of jewellary.
  • Head guards like helmets, caps, turbans and hats should not be worn inside the temple premises.
  • Silence should be maintained inside the temple.
  • Ancient customs of the temple must be respected.
  • Religious sentiments of co-pilgrims must be respected.
  • The holy symbols like the holy ash, rudraxam can be worn while visiting the temple.
  • Non-vegetarian food should not be consumed before going to the temple. Even entering the temple consuming liquor or other intoxicants is prohibited.
  • Non-vegetarian foods, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and intoxicants should not be taken inside the temple.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the temple premises.
  • The temple procedures must be followed inside the temple.
  • The queues must be followed in the temple.
  • The prasadam and teertham given should not be thrown in the temple.
  • Feet should not be pointed toward the deities. Feet are preferably folded.
  • One must not sit with back towards the sanctum.
  • Spitting or being a nuisance inside the temple premises is prohibited.
  • Eating food brought from outside or chewing betel leaves in the temple premises is prohibited.
  • The temple premises should be kept clean.
  • Carrying weapons inside the temple is also prohibited.
  • Using mobile phones and other electronic gadgets inside the temple are prohibited.
  • Women should not enter the temple in the first four days of their menstrual cycle.
  • Sleeping in the temple premises is prohibited.
  • Quarreling or gossiping or committing any act of violence is prohibited.
  • One should not enter the sanctum without permission.
  • The murti or the idol should not be touched without permission.
  • The temple should not be visited for a period of ten days after the Death of immediate family members.


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