Hindu God - Lord Brahma

by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

Lord Brahma symbolizes the creation aspect of the Supreme Reality. Being the first member of the Hindu Trinity, he is called as the creator of the Universe. His divine consort is Saraswati who is the Goddess of learning and knowledge. She signifies Lord Brahma with knowledge that is necessary for the process of creation.

The four faces of Brahma represent the sacred knowledge of the four Vedas such as the Rig, the Yajur, the Sama, and the Atharva. He is the source of all knowledge necessary for the creation of the universe.

The four arms represent the four directions indicating the omnipresence and omnipotence of Lord Brahma.

The four aspects of human personality are represented by the four hands like the mind in the back right hand, the intellect in the back left hand, the ego in the front right hand, and the empirical self or the conditioned consciousness in the front left hand.

The rosary symbolizes the time cycle through which the world moves from creation to sustenance, from sustenance to dissolution, and from dissolution to new creation. Its position in the back right hand also symbolizes the intelligent use of the materials in the process of creation.

The book in the back hand depicts the right knowledge for the creative work. The water pot or kamandalu in the front left hand symbolizes the cosmic energy by which Brahma brings the universe into existence.

The front right hand symbolizing ego in the pose of bestowing grace conveys the idea that the Lord bestows grace and protects all sincere devotees.

The golden face of Brahma indicates that the Lord is active when involved in the process of creation.

The white beard denotes wisdom and the long beard conveys the idea that creation is an eternal process.

The crown on the head of the Lord implies that the Lord has supreme power and authority over the process of creation.

The Brahma sitting or standing on a lotus represents the creative power of the Supreme Reality with the color of white symbolizing the purity.

Brahma wearing clothes that are off-white represents the dual nature of creation, that is purity and impurity, happiness and unhappiness, vice and virtue, knowledge and ignorance, and so on.

The swan symbolizes the power of discrimination. Altogether, Lord Brahma symbolizes the Universal Mind.


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