The Nyaya School of Philosophy

by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

The Nyaya School of philosophy is based on texts called the Nyaya Sutras. They were written by Aksapada Gautama.

The most important contribution of this school is its methodology based on a system of logic that has been adopted by the majority of the other Indian schools. The Nyaya was seen as more than logic in its own right.

It was believed that obtaining valid knowledge was the only way to gain release from suffering and so great pains were taken to identify valid sources of knowledge.

The Nyaya School emphasizes on four sources of knowledge which are the perception, the inference, the comparison, and the testimony.

The Nyaya scholars or the Naiyanikas identified the valid form of knowledge with a number of explanatory schemes.

The logical proofs for the existence of God were given by the Naiyanikas. At later stages, the system of Nayva Nyaya or the new Nyaya was also developed.


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