The Purva Mimamsa School of Philosophy

by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

The Purva Mimamsa School established the authority of the Vedas through the formulation of the rules of Vedic interpretation.

Its believers assumed that one must have unquestionable faith in the Vedas and perform the fire-sacrifices or yajnas regularly.

Accordingly, it is the power of the mantras and yajñas which sustains all the activity of the universe.

A great emphasis was laid on dharma consisting of the performance of Vedic rituals. The logical and philosophical teachings of the other schools were accepted with an objection that they did not sufficiently emphasize attention to right action.

According to this school, other schools were not completely free from desire and selfishness but strived for liberation from a selfish desire to be free. So, it emphasized that only by acting in accordance with the prescriptions of the Vedas, one may attain salvation, rather than liberation. Later, these views were shifted and the doctrines of God and Mukti or freedom were taught. The release or escape of the soul from its constraints through jnana was advocated.


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